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Building Brands, One Story At A Time

Integrated marketing and communications agency – what does that mean to our clients?

More effective marketing plans. More on-strategy big ideas. More tactics that pay off. HB's broad range of expertise in branding, messaging, story, direct marketing, digital design, social media and content marketing means:

You won't wait a year to discover that what seemed like a PR challenge could have been solved with direct marketing; or that your social media initiative would have doubled its impact if it had been bolstered by a strong content creation strategy; or that your cool brand redesign came at the expense of all the brand equity you had built with key audiences; or that you can't answer a question about a campaign's success because your agency didn't recommend any measurement program.

Most our clients have chosen to work with HB because:

* They were fed up with marketing programs that were designed by people who didn’t understand them or their goals

* Their stories were neither memorable nor effective, and consistently overshadowed by lesser competitors who managed to create stronger impressions

* They were dismayed by poor media coverage and weak results from their internal or external media relations agencies

* They were confused by the proliferation of Web-based communication tools and the conflicting opinions they received about how to most effectively use them to build and add value to their communities

* They were unsure of how to measure their marketing programs and adjust accordingly

Our integrated marketing teams stand behind HB's promise: to create great solutions to the right problems.

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