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About Inter/Media Advertising

InterMedia is a full service marketing agency and consultancy. We create direct response strategies that improve return on media and increase overall business valuation.

Annually, we bill more than $500 Million and every dollar spent is measured, methodically by us and by our clients based on its impact on our clients' growth. Our analytical approach gives us a unique advantage in identifying key areas of growth for business with complex sales cycles.

With nearly 40 years in business and continuous family ownership, our agency offers stability that is unique in our industry.

InterMedia uses many exclusive assets to deliver success to our clients including:
-Proprietary media assets that provide our clients extremely reduced CPMs
-AccuTrak - the industry's best analytic tool for measuring response and assigning attribution
-A retail division that moves product onto store shelves, often in coordination with DRTV campaigns

-Performance based media

-Nearly 40 years of experience and successful client partnerships

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