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About Us

Two drug addicts who finally got their shit together.

When Ben & Richie met for the first time, it was in rehab. They were each at the lowest points in their lives, and they connected over their love of movies. Then, Richie started working as a Producer/Director in the video department at Creative Matters, an ad agency in Culver City that focuses on hiring ex-cons, sober alcoholics, and people trying to rebuild their lives. When he needed an intern, he brought Ben, a seasoned camera operator and film editor on board.

Together, they took what was a guy with a handy-cam and built it into a full-fledged production studio, enabling the agency to develop 4K cinema-grade content for a variety of clients in the nonprofit sector and beyond.

In 2017, they launched JUNK, a company that strives to bring BIG creative vision to all kinds of brands, fashion designers, musicians and artists, with none of the ego and all of the hard work.

To be an addict, you have to be a survivalist: creative, resourceful, and really resilient. To be in recovery, you have to work really hard. You have to be honest, self-critical, and painfully transparent.

That’s what JUNK brings to the table.

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