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Why we're unique

KC SEO .co is a local search engine keyword placement specialist and small business client educator.

How KC SEO .co helps your business:
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- create and enrich your Google Business Places (Maps)
- adhere to the strict guidelines of Google SEO:
- no tricks or bogus shortcuts
- everything is original with no system or magic software
- produce and edit high definition videos
- create a Youtube channel for your business
- upload your videos to your Youtube channel
- embed videos on your website
- Website design and development
- Drupal business professional custom made websites
- Internet marketing
- manage and enhance Internet directory submissions
- create and manage your Google Adwords
- design and manage Craigslist ads with color, images and links
- Social Media Networking
- develop your business Google+ profile
- create a business page on Facebook

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