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About Killian Branding

Here, client companies get named or re-named, brand identities are created or revitalized, creativity (anchored by strategy) is applied to clarify your value prop and increase brand equity.

Among the tactical skill sets provided to support that brand strategy are renaming, marketing automation, advertising, video, design, web development, taxonomy, SEO, and many forms of three-screen development.

Clients have come from every category: B2B, B2C, education, high tech, finance – products and services, from Fortune 100 to startups. We have served clients on three continents. So far.

Client Reviews (1)

Great Company to work with!


Killian is a great branding company to work with. They are great in maximizing your budget to get your brand out to the public. Very easy to talk to and work with. I would highly recommend Killian if you are a new company trying to get your brand our there.

Private User
5 months ago
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