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Lippincott is a creative consultancy specializing in brand and innovation. Part of Oliver Wyman.

We’ve built a creative consultancy from the ground up — combining the strategic rigor and insight native to business consulting, with the craft and imagination cultivated in a design agency.

We maintain a sharp focus on the interplay between brand and innovation. We don’t see these as discrete initiatives, but rather as two outputs of a single holistic approach and process — equally important, and firmly intertwined.

We're skilled in strategy, experience and design — enabling us to build brands that match what they say with what they do. Our innovations don’t merely chase the next big trend, but are driven by purpose and aim to grow meaningful connections with our clients’ customers.


Brand development, customer strategy, product and service innovation.

* Reposition companies for growth
* Create new brands for new markets
* Customer insight, segmentation and opportunity
* Concept, solution and platform design
* Customer-led innovation
* M&A corporate branding
* Spin-off corporate branding
* Touchpoint optimization
* Immersive experience design
* Architecture and portfolio optimization

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