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Why we're unique

Neo-Pangea is a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences.

Nestled in hills abutting the historic railroad town of Reading, Pennsylvania, our digital creative boutique has transformed innovative concepts into tangible applications for brands across the globe.

We find that good ideas are torn from the pages of a tattered book, inspired by a lively conversation, and born from sketches on the back of a hand. They move people, and aren’t handcuffed by trends or fads.

As buzzwords and technology change; it’s our passion, flexibility, and versatility that allow us to convey ideas effectively across a variety of mediums including mobile devices, the internet, the printing press, the televised airwaves, and beyond. And when FLASHTML17 makes it possible to insert holographic unicorns into your dream routine’s input stream, we’ll figure out an API to control horn color.

We employ research, empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking to craft dynamic, immersive, and experiential campaigns and platforms. Our success is contributed to a combination of our collaborative yet individualistic attitude, an energetic atmosphere, and a commitment to research and development. Our diverse creative and technical backgrounds have been forged through decades of experience, yet our constant focus on education and invention keeps us humble.

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