I would highly recommend A&P for your project!

I worked with the Antonio and Paris agency on a pretty intensive project involving the creation of several assets with a highly technical focus, and a third company to house the digital assets. I am, and continue to be, impressed with the level of communication with their entire team and the professionalism throughout every step of the process.

A+P started with market research, to help us better decide which materials to create, and which helped us explain the reasoning behind the project to our internal team. When we moved on to the creation process, the team was so kind and receptive to my beginner-marketer level questions. A+P hit every deadline (often coming in early) and worked seamlessly with the third company we brought in, again doing much more than was asked of them to communicate and make our client experience so undemanding. Finally, the global experience of the team has allowed them to give us perspective on what we need to move forward in different regions and be sensitive to each audience.

I would highly recommend A&P!

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