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Private User at The Oklahoman Media Company in the Marketing and Advertising Industry
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

We hired Brandware several years ago to help us understand how we were perceived in the market. Historically, we made assumptions about our prospects and customers.

Brandware conducted a focus group for us. They created a survey and presented a robust report. Brandware showed us that our brand was in decline (high aided awareness and low unaided awareness) which gave us perspective on how to change our marketing efforts.

We used Brandware's data to convince our leadership team that marketing is important and worth the expense.

In the end the information we gained from Brandware helped us craft new messaging, promote our products and services to the right demographic and as a result we sold more products and services!

If you want clear results that have an measurable effect on the bottom line, Brandware is the only agency you should contact.

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