A website with a mobile hybrid app for a pharmaceutical marketplace

We distribute therapeutic medicines, biologics and near-medical goods, and fitness accessories. And previously, we worked on third-party marketplaces, attracting suppliers from all over the world. Recently we’ve encountered several problems, particularly high commissions and a lack of trust from the target audience. That’s why we decided to develop a digital product.

After analyzing the developer profiles, we realized that Glorium Technologies was the perfect fit for us. We contacted the manager , discussed the details, and decided to create completely custom software. We cannot describe the tech stack for some reason, but we will specify that its potential is almost unlimited.

The project is still in the works, although the first MVPs have already been launched and are gradually scaling up. In the near future, we will focus on fully expanding functionality and delegating this task to the same performers. Therefore, we can safely recommend Glorium Technologies as a responsible developer for large projects.

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