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Budget Range
less than $20,000

Video Production

We LOVE Raz and Aidan. Sincerely. I’m using the word LOVE, here. Not only are they top notch professionals, they are also fantastic humans. They are smart, talented, skilled, and just decent, cool guys.

Frequency Writers is the oldest creative writing non-profit in Rhode Island. And while we have been around for nearly a decade, we’re small and niche enough that we continuously work on getting the word out there about who we are. Last fall, we asked Little Fire to work with us to create a professional video for use on our website and for fundraising campaigns.

From minute one, working with Raz and Aidan was a delight. They were curious about our organization and our project goals. Beyond that, they were excited about where we are coming from. As a non-profit, that matters—our mission is everything that we are. When you’re working with any vendor or contractor, you want a sense of shared vision. Right? Well, that’s what is so impressive about Raz and Aidan. They really engage; it’s not surface-y or for show. They are authentic in their approach to telling your story.

When you hire them (and you will), they will want to know who you are, what you do, as well as your goals for the project. If you’re mission oriented, they care about your mission. If you have a story, they want to know all about it. Your goal is their goal.

In addition to the technical skills and experience that they brought to the process, they also brought project management skills that. So, while our leadership team took point, they got all of our volunteer staff involved excited about the process. It was very much a group effort. At each step of the process, Raz and Aidan communicated clearly and directly with me. I never felt overwhelmed or confused. They brought energy and clarity to what could have been, for a volunteer-led organization, a slow and disorganized process.

The final product is exceptional. Everyone who watches it, from donors, to volunteers, to other non-profit professionals, is impressed by the quality of Little Fire’s work. I think all of those communication, emotional intelligence, and project management skills are part of the sine qua non of their work.

Remember when I said that I love these guys; I wasn’t just saying that. And you know what? You’re going to love them, too.

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