Marsden Marketing makes RPTA business goals their priority and the results speak for themselves


Marsden Marketing is the marketing arm of our company. We initially engaged them to get our marketing house in order. We selected this agency because of its strong reputation in the Atlanta market and because it became very evident in the decision-making process that this company really had our best interest in mind. They listened to our concerns and leveraged their expertise to tell us what we needed to do to enhance our marketing programs to drive the business goals we wanted to see.

The first thing Marsden Marketing did for us was help us identify who our target audience was. Through the buyer persona process, we were able to determine that there are specific people like CFOs, the finance team, and VPs of Tax that we should be focusing on. The information we gathered was really instrumental in developing the digital marketing strategy that would help us meet our business goals. Over the past several years, we have been able to launch a series of digital marketing campaigns, leveraging channels like LinkedIn and to generate leads.

Likewise, the information was utilized to help us develop the right content offers and messaging that resonates with our buyers. Since our engagement, we have seen an uptick on our LinkedIn followers, an increase in our email opens and click-through rate, and more shares and views on blogs and long-form content. Most recently, we worked with the Marsden team to deliver an informative webinar on disruption and the impact on property taxes, which helped us generate about quality 200 leads just within itself.

We are very pleased with the results we have seen with the Marsden Marketing team. Our relationship with Marsden Marketing feels like a true partnership. They are always bending over backward to accommodate our needs, never missing a deadline, and rising to the challenge with gusto. If you’re looking for an agency to partner with, Marsden Marketing meets all the marks.

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