One of the most recommendable digital agencies to take you from zero to the top

We wanted an adequate web design for our website and a really good content. Of course, these were our main objectives. After that, we wanted to increase traffic and to acquire more online potential clients. TUYA Digital seemed to be the right agency to create it. They offered us a good package with all the digital services and online presence required, such as content writing, content marketing, SEO, e-mail marketing and other stuff that we really don't know how to deal with.
During our project, we worked with different persons from TUYA Digital, starting from the webdesigner, content writer, SEO specialist, etc. They are a great team with very nice people and each of them knows very well when, what and how to do what they are supposed to do.
Since we have work with TUYA Digital, we won several prizes in the travel industry competitions, mainly E-Travel Conference. We won the second prize for the webdesign of our website, the second prize for the Corporate Blog content and the second prize for The Best Travel Campaign, in 2016 and 2017 competitions, all of them due to TUYA Digital efforts.
Meanwhile, due to the content they have created and the way they have optimized it, our monthly unique user number exceeded 30 K a month which means a lot for us. Not only that Travel Tailor has more than 5000 keywords and expressions on Google’s 1st page, but the number of conversions exceeded 1000 a month. This fact is reflecting in our income.
This is one of the most recommendable digital agencies here when it comes to take you from zero to the top.

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