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About RAD Strategies Inc

Making noise for clients in an effective, innovative and technologically savvy way.

In today’s world where buzz words are being tossed about, we’re not just standing by, we’re participating. Ask yourself, who’s shaping my brand and the answer is quite simple…the customer. Finding out where those conversations are being held and how to get in front of that audience is what we do.

At RAD Strategies Inc, a Reno, Nevada based public relations firm, we believe it’s not just about communicating to one target audience anymore. It’s speaking directly to the decision makers and those that like to, well, talk. It’s about engaging in two-way communication. Be it a major national network, a local business publication or one of the industry’s top bloggers, we’re ambassadors to your brand and take that responsibility quite seriously. The rest is about having fun, doing great work, generating results and engaging your audience.

Serving clients on a local and national level, specialty industries include: travel and tourism, food and beverage, large scale special events, B2C and B2E. Tools in our arsenal include: public and media relations, inbound communications, social media/networking, community relations, crisis planning and communications, strategic marketing planning and special event planning.

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