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About Smart Media Group

Smart Media Group is:

The fastest growing media firm in Washington, D.C. metro area averaging 30% annual growth over past five years.

In 2008, one of five media dollars spent on political races across the country were planned and executed by SMG – including John McCain for President and three of the top five competitive U.S. Senate races.

SMG buying and planning Team averages over 15 years of experience in every medium, active in 150 media markets.

Through our challenges with the FCC against excessive and improper rate charges, we are able to generate an average 30% savings on our clients’ media costs compared to our competition.

We are the only agency to file a formal complaint with the FCC in the past 10 years against a broadcast group for improper political sales policies.

The largest staff of any Republican media buying firm.

The only political media buying firm with a 100% integrated buying software linking all platforms to one application. This results in greater efficiency, creativity and audience targeting for our clients.

On average, our clients receive a refund 10 times higher than the industry standard through our comprehensive electronic process of matching vendor invoices to our ordered spot schedules.

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