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Simplicity Liberates Creativity

The Baiocco and Maldari Connection brings the global branding talents of Chief Creative Officer, Rob Baiocco and Chief Executive Officer, Maureen Maldari to the most exciting and innovative digital hotbed, DUMBO.

We challenge the complexity of Agency models with a tenacious belief that Simplicity liberates Creativity.

The Baiocco and Maldari Connection has been launched to uniquely service all the branding and digital content with one streamlined model that provides end-to-end brand connection. So we get to the answer faster, cheaper and better.

We believe that every brand deserves one pithy, compelling phrase that nails your brand meaning and directs and connects all communication. We call it the One Shot Answer. From there the Brand’s story can explode across all screens with value generating content.

And since we have the experience and track record of building billion dollar brands we know how to cut through the process and get to the answers that make a difference.

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