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Why we're unique

We’re The Big Kick!

A multi-award winning, independent promotional marketing agency that creates ideas and experiences that drives 'Buzz' and Sales for brands.

This is our story....

At The Big Kick we believe in the power of 'Buzz'
‘Buzz’ comes via participation and word of mouth, ultimately driving sales and all important brand loyalty. People’s ears become alive to your brand and it's recognised and becomes meaningful. This is what leads to effective results in our expert opinion.

To drive 'Buzz' we create ideas and experiences that MOVE people to 'actively engage' and ultimately BUY.
Using our Sweet Spot Mapping approach, we put the connection between consumers and brands at the heart of our thinking

We get under the skin of the people we want to MOVE and understand which channels work best to MOVE them. We work hard to interpret the role the brand plays in consumer’s lives

This means we create ideas that allow Brands to engage consumers in its on-going brand story and create Brand ‘Buzz’.

Making us experts across multiple channels with people who understand shopper marketing, retail marketing, sales promotion, digital/mobile and experiential marketing.

This allows us to deliver effective results for our clients through intelligent strategy, engaging creative and flawless delivery.

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