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World-class global brand agency

The Brand Union is a world-class, global brand agency with 35 years’ experience, and is part of the WPP Group.

We know that experiences form the basis of all kinds of human relationships and that the strongest bonds form over time as a result of multiple positive encounters.

We believe it is just the same for brands.

With 500 people in 21 offices, we are an experienced and talented team drawing on the individual skills of brand strategists, graphic and digital designers, brand experience designers, writers, brand engagement specialists and project managers.

We pull together knowledge, inspiration and expertise from across the globe to build brands that thrive in the real world, using a balance of brand strategy, creativity and execution.

People get in touch with us for all kinds of reasons: when their organisation needs to find new opportunities to grow; to find better pathways to brand engagement; when a new vision or project needs definition; to develop new brand experiences; when packaging needs a redesign; for strategic thinking, for creativity and for innovation.

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