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Bigger isn't better. Better is better.

The DSM Group is a full-service digital marketing, advertising and public relations agency based in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Founded in 2007, we have seen unparalleled growth rivaled only by our clients successes.

Our mantra has been the same since our CEO started the company on his front porch eight years ago, “We value the hours we spend with our clients, not the ones we bill them for.”

From website design to traditional advertising campaigns, to media outreach and inbound marketing, we harness the unbridled passion of our employees and channel it into real success for our clients.

We believe our mindset of building engaged relationships trumps “telling and selling” everyday of the week. Our clients seem to agree.

We know building a business is hard and growing a brand is even harder. Want to become an industry leader? It’ll take more than just selling a great product or service. You need to outthink, outwork and outcare your competition.

Ready to build something that scares the crap out your competition? Good. We are too.

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