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About The Glenn Group

The Glenn Group is an advertising, interactive and public relations agency, which was the glorious result of a marriage between two long-time Nevada competitors. Literally. In January 2008, Valerie Glenn, who owned The Rose/Glenn Group, and her husband John Glenn, who owned DRGM Advertising, decided, after 27 years of blissful marriage and cutthroat competition, to join professional forces and merge their companies.

The result?

Us. The third largest agency in the state, offering more than 40 years of experience and success across industries such as gaming/hospitality, tourism, art and entertainment, healthcare and financial services. And a rare collection of tight-knit, nimble-minded, dynamic, passionate, creative, problem-solving super-savants who specialize in a bunch of good [ ].

So, what’s good [ ]?

It’s pretty much just us in a nutshell (or in brackets, rather). It sums us up. It’s our relationships, our experience, our thinking, our work, our people and our ideas. It’s our history, our future and our love of the business. It’s the fun we have and the results we get. It’s whatever we put our minds to.

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