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What we do

You’ve got a product launch approaching or a digital experience that you need to create and you need to know your end user to ensure that it’s a success. The goals and objectives of your engagement determine our approach to gathering feedback from people – in-home interviews, offices, factories, in-lab at our facility, remote interviews or even through our social media intelligence solution.

At User Insight, we go beyond segmentation data and simple usability testing and get to know your customers’ behaviors, motivations, habits and pain-points to create actionable insights for your move-forward strategies. We leverage our experience to consult with you on execution, as well as create user experience roadmaps to pair with your product roadmap, ensuring that you are testing at all the right points and avoid costly mistakes.

User Insight’s consulting services are founded upon our strategic solutions and 10 years of experience conducting over 125 projects a year, across 25 different industries. We consult on products and digital experiences, mobile experiences and social media for companies, agencies and government organizations. Our strategic solutions include foundational research that can be applied to your products, services and overall brand.

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