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Work That's Smarter Works Harder

VWA is a creatively focused advertising agency with full-service capabilities headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Here at VWA we embrace what we call, the underdog mentality. By being innovative, nimble, resourceful, and just plain scrappier than the next guy, we’re able to consistently create smarter work that works harder for our clients.

Our goal is to attract like-minded clients who embrace the challenger mindset by offering an option that combines the world-class creative talent you expect from a big agency with the responsiveness, flexibility and enthusiasm you find at smaller to mid sized firms.

Our mission? Deliver compelling, innovative, and infinitely shareable creative content that stands out in today’s competitive landscape. All while exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering on their goals with unmatched service and attention. And most importantly, have fun doing it.

That’s our philosophy. If it sounds like yours, give us a call or send us an email @ [email protected]

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