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Viseven - your expert in pharmaceutical marketing

Viseven is a full cycle digital agency with 10 years expertise of content development in global pharmaceutical markets. Our core mission is helping Pharma to connect patient centricity, patient engagement, and strategic imperatives with the right content and multichannel mix.

Viseven’s unique eWizard platform is a multichannel content authoring solution integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats, supporting the innovative “create once – publish everywhere” (COPE) approach. Content is built from flexible multichannel modules that can be reused across channels: eDetailing presentations, email templates, websites and more. This allows for easy and seamless content transcreation: update, localization and reuse of key messages in a fast, convenient and cost-effective way. The system is further to be enhanced with AI capacities to suggest automated content creation.

eWizard is the only solution to bridge Veeva Vault with Adobe Experience Manager and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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