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About Whitemyer Advertising, Inc.

Total Involvement
We believe the greatest factor in establishing and maintaining a sound client/agency relationship is the level of agency involvement we attain. So, we go to great lengths in gaining that leg up and providing effective service. We seek to be a “part of the team” on a day-to-day basis. To gain a first hand grasp of markets, problems and selling potential.

Integrated Marketing
We employed the thinking long before the term “integrated marketing” became an industry buzzword. In fact, from the very beginning we believed that getting the most from a client’s budget demanded an effective integration of the various promotional elements: Media advertising, direct mail, publicity, sales promotion, and trade show participation. Then new media and marketing opportunities found their important niche in our mix. Today, the industry calls it integrated marketing. We call it good thinking.

Creative Excellence
The size of the project, or the budget, is not the determining factor when it comes to creative excellence. Rather, it has to do with the way we think. An eye for innovation. A passion for ingenuity. A genuine excitement for this business of advertising. Consequently, we have a reputation for consistent, award-winning work for a wide range of clients. Large and small. Big bucks. Or tight budget. It all comes down to good thinking.

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