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Why we're unique

Once upon a time… in a city by the sea, there was a South African agency called Zoom Advertising. Born in 1998, Zoom was passionate about achieving exceptional results through innovation. In their little corner of the world in The District, 41 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town, Zoom’s family of 70-odd worked tirelessly to hone their craft, accepting only the best in their quest for excellence in advertising.

As they explored the world of retail the agency grew strong, and soon the people of Zoom knew South Africans like nobody else did. And so Zoom added a formidable brand division to their armoury, letting their magic grow ever stronger through the power of ideas-driven people and forward-thinking clients.

Yes, this is the story of Zoom Advertising: an agency that takes clients on a journey into the hearts and minds of South Africans – forging onward to build conscious brands for a sustainable future.

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