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About ClickMail Marketing

ClickMail Marketing: Make Your Email Smarter
Are you ready for smarter email? ClickMail sells and customizes email service providers (ESPs) for enterprise email marketing. Through ESP customization, we deliver platform-specific expertise that optimizes ESPs for your particular needs, making your email smarter and your job easier.

Our clients include e-commerce retailers, online gaming companies, large associations and consumer electronic companies that need advanced email technology and strategies to drive relevance and ROI.

ClickMail offers:

*A choice of email service providers*
We’ll help you choose the right ESP for your business, one that fits your needs now and scales as your program grows.

*ESP customization*
Even the most sophisticated ESP can’t optimize your enterprise email marketing “out of the box.” We can make your ESP more powerful, customizing the platform for greater relevance and ROI.

*Email deliverability*
ClickMail offers email deliverability expertise to help you improve your delivery rate, and monitor it to ensure it stays as high as can be.

*Email marketing optimization*
You can’t optimize if you can’t see what’s happening. eMVision is ClickMail’s proprietary email analytics tool that integrates Tableau Software’s powerful data visualization with ExactTarget’s email reporting.

*Free trials so you can try before you buy*
ClickMail offers free 30-day trials of email service providers ExactTarget and Blue Hornet.

ClickMail is a Platinum ExactTarget Reseller Partner and Blue Hornet Gold Partner. We are a four-time and current honoree on the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. We're also on the San Jose and San Francisco Business Journal's Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

ClickMail is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. Learn more at

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