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About Edentify

Data, research, information is abundantly available and efficiently collected. In the communications world is rarely interpreted holistically to guide marketing.

Edentify is simply transitioning Account Planning to be relevant to today's marketers. Bringing technology, data, insight and communication direction together.

We’ve literally built an agency around the consumer; our consumer panel, Cafestudy. We merge their perspectives with market data as it is generated and arrives.

We've built custom online and mobile research tools to gather real time qualitative and quantitative results. Via our proprietary data mining software, we can then blend data from bespoke approaches with other first and third party data.

Existing secondary research alone does not provide marketers with the depth to structure fast, relevant insights. We believe through better holistic use of data to evolve the 'going in' stage, we can build more tangible and accountable structures for marketing and communication direction.

Our aim is to provide the answers that enable the right decisions.

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