App Development for Design Platform


Since working with CodigoDelSur, we've launched 3 separate major modules for our software. The biggest metric for the success of the work was being able to do this.

The flow of our platform has doubled the capacity of each of our project managers, bringing revision time down by about 40%. Codigo handled the coding, not the actual UI/UX design, so it's hard to give them credit in this respect, but they executed their job well. There will always be bugs, so the work was by no means perfect, but we were satisfied.

Since we've been working with CodigoDelSur for a couple of years now, they've come to understand our business motives, so they're able to make the best decisions for our interests, without us having to go to them. We've saved a lot of time and energy in this way. Codigo has adjusted the team and the flow of the work on a case-by-case basis in order to meet our goals. Nine times out of ten, they made the right calls. The fact that Codigo can do this, makes them feel more like an internal team, as opposed to an offshore contractor.

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