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Mobile App Development Company

CodigoDelSur is an Award-winning dev shop with over 10 years of experience.
Our expert team of 83 developers & designers are keen on incorporating the latest technologies into the more than 200 top-notch apps created so far, the company provides outstanding digital products to US enterprises and startups some of them reaching the 220+M users!

Areas of specialization: Mobile app development in Healthcare, Fitness, Drones, LMS, Social Networking and Salesforce

Client Reviews (9)

Fantastic Experience


Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

Before on embarking on the journey of turning my app idea into reality, I spent many gruelling hours searching for the fit in an agency. Unable to find a suitable company in Australia, my search went offshore to Silicon Valley and surprisingly Uruguay!

I was captured by their creative marketing, past projects and it looked like the company had a fantastic culture, which I believe is essential for the creative process.

Initially I did have concerns there might be a language barrier, however these concerns were quickly alleviated after my first phone call with their friendly business development manager Veronica.

I was excited to get started and meet the team, so before long I booked a flight from Brisbane to be present for the initial phases of design.

From day 1 the team made me feel welcome and gave me confidence that I'd chosen the right people for the job.

The experience throughout the development was fantastic and my app was completed on time and within the budget I had in mind.

I would highly recommend going with CodigoDelSur if you have an app that needs a creative touch!

Shizzal Pty Ltd
Information Technology and Services
9 months ago
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