Unprofessionalism at its height

Unprofessionalism at its height:

Apply at this company at your own risk. There is no assurance even after confirming that you have been selected, they can take their decision back. It's my personal experience they selected me we talked about the salary and everything and later they don't even pick the phone. When at last after numerous attempts they will call you and give a lame excuse that they have some internal discussion and can't hire as they don't have any requirement.
Such kind of unprofessionalism only shows the disoriented management the company is running under. I am very sure none of the employees working there is happy. If a company doesn't value their decision that how can they value their employees.

I was fortunate enough that I had another offer in my hand and I stick to not reject that offer until I get the complete confirmation from red cube.

Beware friends before joining the company.

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