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Exclusive boutique digital agency delivering innovative Results

Founded 2010, Redcube Digital Media empowers brands by building their digital assets and helping them communicate with curated communities. Red Cube not only knows the thought process of their digital audience but also understands the needs of their clients and works hard on finding the best fit strategies for digital engagement.

The team understands the nuances of the fast paced industry and prides itself on constantly re-inventing themselves to resonate with the changing times. Red Cube, with its digital thought leadership, business operations, and seasoned resources engages in understanding clients’ aspirations and extends consultation towards creating a winning strategy for their digital route. Digital and social media is pushing companies and brands like never before, to take up a more real and transparent approach with their customers. Apart from this, innovation also becomes imperative as users are being bombarded with information on every platform.

In times like these, the team at Redcube Digital helps brands to formulate omni-channel, dynamic and integrated marketing communication strategies. The business voyage of Redcube Digital has been tremendous.

Over a period of 10 years, the firm has managed to work and deliver successful campaigns for renowned global names including BT Global Services, BBC Media, Danone India, Jindal Stainless Ltd, Yakult India, Danone India, Fortis Escorts, Intex Technologies amongst several others. Presently the company’s business operations are spread across various industry verticals ranging from domestic start-ups, mid-sized organizations, to global Fortune 500s. It’s Redcube Digital’s commitment to excellence and its constant efforts which have led to the company being listed amongst the Top#25 fastest growing Digital Agencies in India.

Client Reviews (1)

Unprofessionalism at its height


Unprofessionalism at its height:

Apply at this company at your own risk. There is no assurance even after confirming that you have been selected, they can take their decision back. It's my personal experience they selected me we talked about the salary and everything and later they don't even pick the phone. When at last after numerous attempts they will call you and give a lame excuse that they have some internal discussion and can't hire as they don't have any requirement.
Such kind of unprofessionalism only shows the disoriented management the company is running under. I am very sure none of the employees working there is happy. If a company doesn't value their decision that how can they value their employees.

I was fortunate enough that I had another offer in my hand and I stick to not reject that offer until I get the complete confirmation from red cube.

Beware friends before joining the company.

almost 4 years ago
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