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Turning Vision Into Reality

We create brand identities, mobile apps, and websites for eCommerce, Art Communities, Sports, Games, Finance, Social Media, and other online services. We love projects big or small and specialize in launching startups. Our apps stay on people's phones. Our websites are fast and modern.

Since 2006 we’ve been delivering our services for businesses that want to scale, experienced companies needing a web presence, and bold startups. We respect immovable deadlines and offer competitive rates without compromising quality.

Our clients’ business goals are at the core of everything we create. The designs we make are aesthetic but practical, catering to people’s needs, and solving business problems. Our code is clean and maintainable.

Our expertise:

- Mobile app development. For iPhone and Android. Scalable and compatible with the latest phone models.

- Web development. Modern and fast websites with mindful interface design.

- Experience design. Everything can work but delight has to be designed. We do that.

- Branding and illustration. Custom artworks that add friendliness.

Client Reviews (1)

I needed a team to develop everything


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

What initially made you choose this agency?

- I needed a team to develop everything. I had the idea but nothing else. I reached out to a couple of companies. Shakuro was the best case scenario. They had been in the business of game art for a long time. They were a really good option.

Was there a moment you knew you had made the right choice?

- I wouldn’t be working with them if it wasn’t great. It’s been a very, very cool casual partnership that we’ve had. I’ve had the same guys working on my team since the beginning. It’s almost like they’re my employees, but they’re not. They’re meeting the deadlines and communication is clear. I talk to them multiple times a day.

What type of results were they able to deliver?

- The platform launched publicly in January, 2016. We have about 80,000 users right now on the platform. It’s one of the big platforms in this industry where people can put all their content, so I guess it’s pretty successful from that standpoint. It’s been a very, very cool casual partnership that we’ve had.

Product Manager
over 3 years ago
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