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Why we're unique

Kellen Communications partners with its clients to clarify their communications objectives, to develop an effective plan and to execute the program across multiple platforms. With the fragmentation of today's audiences, a communications program must use a variety of new media and traditional media tactics to reach targeted demographic audiences with clear, customized messages. The program must be engaging, ongoing and consistent. And it must be of value to the audience or it will be ignored quickly.

Whether your organization needs a thought leadership campaign rooted in traditional media, a social media program targeting online influencers or a mobile app, we have the resources to deliver results that move the needle.

Kellen Communications is comprised of a mix of new media specialists and traditional media professionals. Our talent runs the gamut from seasoned public relations strategists, former journalists and experienced brand marketers through to interactive development specialists, graphic designers and governmental affairs pros. Our offices are located in New York City, the media capital of the world; Washington DC, the public affairs capital of America; and in Atlanta, Chicago, Brussels and Beijing. Our global reach is enhanced by a network of partners in every major market in North America, Europe and the Pacific.

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