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Imagine What Can Be

Motiv is an integrated creative studio specializing in branding, packaging and product design. We’re explorers, tinkerers, problem-slayers, big-idea thinkers, and stay-up-all-nighters. From concept to creation, we pride ourselves as responsive partners who collaborate with companies to grow market share and connect with consumers.


Success Stories

Challenge, discovery, approach, outcome - those are the elements of any case study. Discover how Motiv has created bottom-line success for clients facing a range of challenges.

Client Reviews (1)

Bringing Zarbees Naturals to Life via Ownable and Vibrant Packaging


Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

In 2015, the Zarbee's was looking to disrupt the Health & Wellness category with ownable packaging to establish its identity as a trailblazer in natural over the counter medicines. Motiv exceeded our expectations and used a cross-functional design team to collaborate with our small, growing brand to help us push boundaries of traditional thinking. The result: we ended up disrupting the OTC shelves with fresh, vibrant and consumer engaging packaging in the adult and baby segments of our portfolio.

Director of Marketing
Consumer Goods
10 months ago
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