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Digital with purpose

Don’t tell anyone…but we used to be geeks. Certified, card-carrying, atomic-wedgie-getting geeks—nurtured on a steady diet of .net, .jsp and Dr. Who. Back then, we were Acsys, Inc. and to no one’s surprise, most of our projects were of the techno-geek variety.

But then things started to change.

The geeks started getting a little bigger, a little stronger, and—if you believe our moms—a little better looking. We started hanging with the cool kids. The kids who knew about things like digital strategy, media, analytics and creative.

Before we knew what hit us (no, it wasn’t another spit ball), Acsys, Inc. became Acsys Interactive, we traded our pocket protectors for iPads, and then fast-forward to today—the digital services side of our agency became Primacy. A full-service, soup-to-nuts, lead-agency-thinking, big-idea-having, digital powerhouse.

In our hearts, we still have a soft side for the geeks; they’re a big part of our history. That’s why we’re happy to say the Acsys Interactive you know and love will continue to exist – kind of like a slightly nerdier brother to Primacy – and they’ll be 100% focused on handling our SiteManager products and hosting capabilities.

Together, we have been and continue to be privately owned, which means we answer only to our clients and to each other—not shareholders or investors. Technology is still a huge part of our DNA—but our company genome is far richer.

We are curious. We are passionate. We are fueled by the notion that we can and do use digital to bring meaningful impact to our clients and their customers.

We are Primacy. Nice to meet you.

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