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Insights driven design firm

Human Spark is a community of professionals focused on delivering competitive value to our clients through design. We strive for innovation in both our design services and in the solutions we offer. At our core is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and designers who address how design can best serve people’s current and future values, needs and aspirations.

We are an insights-driven design firm dedicated to crafting meaningful solutions from a deep understanding of people. We propel our clients toward success by keeping their customers and internal stakeholders at the center of everything we do, so that their needs and desires inform business strategy, branding, product/service design and stubborn organizational challenges.

Real solutions for real challenges
Our goal is to create something more than just a package, a tagline or a website. We create meaningful experiences that inspire – stories that engage, products that surprise, tools that delight. And in turn, those experiences drive value – return on investment, effectiveness and efficiency, innovation and growth – for your business.

You inspire us
We believe that understanding people is the key to creating meaningful experiences. This comes from true listening; not just listening to what clients, consumers and users say, but what they mean. That’s the kind of deep insight that your business needs. It’s what inspires and drives our ideas for really amazing experiences.

All the talent, none of the ego
True story: we’ve had clients ask if they can come work for us. That’s how serious we take our client relationships. We think of our clients as partners and believe that working with Human Spark should be exciting, educational, wholly transparent, and even fun.

Let’s start something amazing.

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