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Interactive Gamification Experiences

Through its gamification services, Daiji creates interactive experiences for companies. If you want to make commitment to your brand – both with your employees as well as with your customers – unique and above all personalized, you came to the right place!

It is not a simple and classic loyalty concept (who look boring and uninspired to consumers who are always more brand educated). On the contrary, gamification is the avenue that many world-famous companies take to think outside the box and to be closer to their customers and give them the recognition they deserves. A gamified marketing uses strategies found in games to improve all aspects of a brand.

It is often said that having fun is the opposite of working. At Daiji agency, we believe that depression is the opposite of fun. When we play, we are MOTIVATED, ENGAGED and CREATIVE… Is it not precisely the opposite of depression? And if work now became more game-like?

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