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We are happy agitators. We are healthy skeptics.

Mortar was founded in 2002 by three guys who were sick of doing advertising the wrong way, but too lazy and unskilled to find other work. So they set out to fix it.

Most agencies like to jump straight to the pretty pictures. At Mortar, we don’t even think about starting that car until we’ve agreed upon a destination, together. You could call it “research.” Or “analysis.” Or “Not Lighting Your Money On Fire.” We call it “Mortar360.” It’s our Not-Patented-But-We-Should-Totally-Do-That process for figuring out what to do with your hard-won marketing budget before spending it like a fat kid at a candy store.

The pretty pictures? We do those, too. Your newly discovered insight becomes smart, powerful marketing that does more than sell widgets – it inspires love beyond reason. (Which happens to sell a buttload of widgets.)

Mortar helps you stop talking about ads and start talking about love. We also help you learn to listen. What you say about you is nice, but when the wider world backs you up? That’s nice-nice. And it’s a perfect example of how Mortar does more than make ads. We spark conversations.

And we can’t think of a better time to start one than now.

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