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Modern Climate is an independent brand+technology company searching for this thing. The thing that will differentiate a brand within a commodity category. Is it design? Is it technology? Is it a brand strategy no one saw coming?

Or, what big, disruptive idea will turn an ordinary company into a thought leader? A media darling? A take-no-prisoners, history making, cultural phenomenon? There's huge business value for the brand that breaks free of the gravitational pull of category conventions.

We are brand strategists, advertising leaders, digital mavens, developers, tech whiz kids, publishers, gamers, analysts, content creators and social media savants colliding and collaborating until we get the thing right.
Whatever the thing is.

We believe in the disruptive power of big ideas and creativity to give our clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace. We are headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and have partnered with brands such as, Intel Corporation, Geek Squad, Hazelden Betty Ford, GoDaddy!, Mosaic Company, Jamba Juice, Caribou Coffee and Frontpoint Security.

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