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Cultural savvy and flawless execution.

Formed in 1996, Neverstop is an award-winning creative agency that pioneered what everyone now calls experiential marketing.

The company grew organically out of the underground parties thrown by current founders Alex Calderwood and Nasir Rasheed as well as former founders Jared Harler and Caroline Davenport during the height of the grunge era, they brought in acts like Jamiroquai to introduce acid jazz, hip-hop, and electronica into the Seattle club scene.

Since those early days in the underground club scene, Neverstop has gone on to launch new brands, unveil new products, open new markets, and even break world records for companies as diverse as Nike, Microsoft, Uniqlo, Target, and Samsung.

Along the way we’ve used every tool in the kit — commercials, live events, viral video, social networks, mobile platforms, microsites, PR stunts, you name it — to give clients measurable and actionable results.

The one constant? Spot-on cultural savvy and flawless execution.

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