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About A2P

We are a full service agency with a unique skill set in using data analytics to help clients understand the customer journey more deeply. With a single focus on building results oriented campaigns, our data led approach shapes the overall marketing strategy, creative messaging and multi/omni channel deployment by identifying high performing modeled audiences. In turn, campaigns identify, engage and capture more customers, voters or donors. Cost effectively and efficiently.  


A2P in Partnership with Clients

We look at advertising and marketing differently. We like to disrupt the traditional methods and bandwagon philosophies. Oh, and the latest media trends on where clients should spend marketing dollars, we say PROVE IT. Prove that the millions of ‘impressions’ actually produced an ROI or a Donation or a Vote or created a ‘Fan’ for the brand.

We prefer to come up with marketing solutions in YOUR currency. Not make you adapt to some intangible ad speak that makes you wonder whether any of it actually worked.

This is why we brand with accountability. We develop media plans, buys and creative with sophisticated AI/Data focused on what matters to you.

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