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About AC&M Group

AC&M Group is a full-service marketing agency that connects brands with consumers using cultural insights. Our motto is: Universal Ideas, Cultural Connections. Through our expertise in crafting culturally relevant campaigns, we help companies reach and efficiently communicate with the new mainstream. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, AC&M Group has been developing culturally relevant creative campaigns for more than a decade and has expertise spanning industries within retail, food & beverage, soccer, travel, finance and home improvement / construction.

AC&M Group is a leading expert in understanding how to target various consumer segments, especially the diverse sub-groups of the Hispanic market. We are also experts in strategy and execution of sports marketing programs, particularly soccer, where we have unmatched consumer insights and access. Our team doesn't just understand the segment market; we immerse ourselves in hands-on cultural experiences. We have developed successful campaigns for multiple consumer segments including Hispanic moms, construction workers, bilingual teens, Spanish-dominant adults, millennials, African-American fashionistas, etc. However, our definition of culture goes beyond demographics and ethnic background, we have also created culturally relevant communications for youth soccer players, sports fans, diabetics, members of the LGBT community, and soccer parents, among others.

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