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A business consultancy & creative agency hybrid

We're not another agency. We're a new kind of agency. One that actually addresses what agencies are hired for: growing brands.

We connect consumers to brands by diving deep into industries, trends, and behaviors in order to deliver out-of-the-box, strategic solutions with business acumen and creative tailored to those it matters to. Building businesses is our only metric that matters.

Our squad members think like entrepreneurs, build like makers, and articulate like storytellers. It’s our diverse backgrounds, rich histories, and deep interests that’s all connected by a single desire to win.

And when our clients allow us to be ourselves, we make them look good.

Because we expect our work to be impactful. We expect our partners to grow. And it’s in our best interest that they do. Because when they win, so do we.


From Hypergrowth to shifting stagnant legacy brands

We think like entrepreneurs, makers, and storytellers because we are exactly that. Our experiences have helped us shape industries, even create new categories. To us, it's not about creating the most creative solution, it's about creating the right solution to drive growth, and do so in the most creative way possible.

That's why clients like White Claw, Costa Farms, O'Neill Wine and Distilling, Hard Rock, and more trust us with their brands.

Client Reviews (4)

Growing our CBD business with the right partner

Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

Agency Squid went above and beyond to understand the complexities of the CBD industry in order to help us develop a strong foundation for our brand. We couldn't be happier with the work.

Kelda Farms d.b.a. Even Oil
9 months ago
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