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Move Your Business to the Top Right

TopRight is an Atlanta based strategic marketing and consulting services firm founded in 2006 by consultants from top management consulting firms (McKinsey, Booz & Company, CSC Index), former Chief Marketing Officers, CXO’s, and senior practitioners in sales, marketing and applied technologies. We move our client’s business up and forward in their competitive frame - enabling them to corner the markets where they choose to compete through winning strategy, compelling branding, creative marketing execution and organizational engagement.

We believe that everything starts with your brand, which defines everything about you and your position in the market. All great brands are built on simplicity, clarity and alignment: One Voice. One Look. One Story. It is who you really are…why that matters to your customer…and how you deliver that value to them. Everything communicates to bring your brand to life: marketing, positioning, enabling technologies, and your people. To do this successfully, every company must first define their destination in order to determine the specific strategy and tactics used to get there.

What headline do you want written about your business in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? This becomes the lens through which everything is viewed, and operating decisions are made and assessed by all stakeholders. It is the map that helps us navigate and keeps us on course.


Marketing Plan Refresh

Use TopRight's proven methodology to develop or refine your existing marketing plan, assuring clear alignment with your strategy and objectives. We develop plans that are practical and achievable.

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