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Get More Business Value Out of Mobility

BlueFletch has been building quality mobile applications since 2008. We’ve assembled a team of 30 passionate and experienced developers, designers, and project managers ready to tackle your next project.

We offer a focused set of services for a variety of businesses, from funded startups to Fortune 500s.

We leverage our expertise to guide you from the early phases of your projects (Analysis, Design, Architecture, Development) through the crunch time phases (QA, Testing, Deployment, Support).

Large enterprises that leverage shared rugged mobile devices have much different needs than the functionality provided by consumer tools. While only 25-30M devices globally are used in this role, they are a critical tool for the businesses that rely on them. Our experience deploying hundreds of thousands of these devices into enterprises has exposed to us a glaring gap in robust tooling. To address this gap in the market, BlueFletch has created the Enterprise Mobility Security platform, a suite of tools designed to improve rollout time, decrease support costs, and increase the security of these devices in the field. The Enterprise Mobility Security platform is comprised of an SSO multi-user login security framework, rich support analytics engine, and a guaranteed software delivery mechanism. The EMS platform is currently in use by enterprise retailers, manufacturers, transportation organizations, and logistics companies. For more information about leveraging BlueFletch’s EMS to accelerate your rugged device deployments contact us at [email protected]

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