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📽Alconost — eye-catching promo videos produced with a developer’s mindset

With Alconost, video production is no longer a developer's nightmare.

Producing promotional videos can be a burden for software developers who aren’t used to marketing language. This is what we help with:
✅ emphasize key product features
✅ highlight product benefits
✅ make a video about an app or service easy to understand and pleasant to watch

We even know how to create videos for complex software without making things too complicated for the viewer.

Our key service is animated video production:
💡2-D animation videos for IT products and services: trailers, explainers and how-to videos, advertising and tutorial clips
💡 Business videos with 3-D animation: presentations, logo animation
💡Game videos with actual gameplay cut, character and environment animation in 2-D and 3-D: trailers, teaser-trailers, cutscenes

⌚ We’ve been creating animated videos for apps, services, games, and brands since 2011. Our video production process is well-planned, iterative, and transparent, so that you always know which stage of production your video is at and how it’s progressing.

💲 Our pricing is per-scene-based. You shouldn’t simply pay for screen time; the production budget should depend on how many scenes a video has and how complex the art and animation are.

⚙️We also offer a helping hand to hardware developers who need to showcase a tangible product. With 3-D model animation, a product can look truly realistic, and this is what we do as well.

🌟Get stellar animated promo video content with Alconost!

🎤 Apart from 2-D and 3-D animation, we help developers with voiceover recordings for their apps and even one-of-a-kind character voiceovers for their games.

Client Reviews (1)

A multifunctional agency that is careful about keeping project deadlines



We were looking for an agency that would help us localize the project (business directory) for many countries.
The important criteria for us were:
- quality and naturalness of translations;
- ability to work with many languages;
- reasonable timeframe for work completion;
- meeting deadlines;
- successful experience in localization of other projects;
- comfortable communication with managers;
- reasonable prices.

Before we chose Alconost, we gave 6 or 7 companies a test case. And only Alconost did everything to our complete satisfaction.

We have been working together for almost 10 months. The agency helps us with translations into more than 20 languages and with localization for more than 20 countries.

Private User
Product Manager
Marketing and Advertising
2 months ago
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