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With the support of skillful staffs and years of experience in multimedia and information technology services, Arfadia has craved its place in the world digital agency. Due to its optimum services and well developed products, the digital agency has got certification of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and been awarded both nationally and internationally include Environmental Management System, Quality Management System, and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Management System Occupational Health and Safety.

Arfadia: Vision, Mission, and Values

To reach the company’s purposes, Arfadia comes with great vision, mission, and values. The digital agency’s vision is to develop into the leading service provider of the information technology and multimedia in the country. Meanwhile, there are three missions that the digital company wants to achieve include :

1. Create and manage projects by delivering optimum services.

2. Obtain all of the advantages that the agency’s stakeholders can get by using the company’s value chain.

3. Create a strong and good team full of skillful staffs in order to achieve the digital agency’s purposes.

In addition, the digital company also comes with certain values to make sure that the clients will get all of the best from the agency. The values held by the company include achievement, responsiveness, focus, accuracy, development, innovation, and activeness. All of the values are aimed to reflect the company’s effort in using all the sources available to reach its goals.

The Digital Company’s Services

The company comes with various services to ensure that the clients will get all they need from best websites created by the agency. The services provided by the company include

1. Integrated Digital Marketing
The key to getting a successful website / product is using smart digital marketing. Arfadia has multiple steps of strategy that will help you to get more customers.

2. Developing The Web Application
The web applications provided include E – Learning, Personalization of Web Content, Electronic Hardware Integration and much more.

3. Developing The Mobile Application
Today most of the people accessing information through their phone that's why you should consider building apps for your company.

4. Website Development and Design
The digital company focuses on web design along with its development. The purposes of the website development are helping the clients to get information, buy something they need, save money, talk to the company and enjoy a great site.

5. Video Production
A video is an efficient way of promoting a product. It can explain a product, message, or others that your company offers easily.

6. Corporate and Branding Identity
This services will make the customers repurchase your product continuously or refer it to others. Becuase it builds a strong positive value of your brands.

7. Commercial Photography
Images will transfer a meaning of your company in a second. This services will provide you an excellent first impression for your customer.

8. Web Hosting
The web hosting services have some services; having worldwide quick access, server uptime, and data protection guarantee.

Arfadia provides its customers with various products :

1. Arfadia Intranet Portal (PIA) –
The product is especially designed for customers so they can get all they need about revolutionary product to improve their communication system. The product also enables the clients to deliver information more efficiently and effectively.

2. Arfadia Education System (SIDIA) – |
This software is especially designed for students. By using the software, it is hoped that all of the students can learn their subjects in more practical and simpler ways. The software also makes it possible for the pupils to find and store the learning subjects they need. SIDIA can expand students' knowledge and knowledge according to the applicable SD / SMP / SMU / SMK curriculums.

3. Project Management Tools
The company also comes with various project management tools to facilitate the clients. The project management tools provided include Module Feature for dashboard, MOM Online, Gantt Chart, MS Project, Integrated Daily Schedule, Daily Activity, Material Master, Report Man Power, Document Attachment and much more.

4. Software for Village Administration (SODEA) –
The best information system solution for village governance for better public services.

5. Online Store for Selling Props ATERA –
ATERA is a media that sells visual aids in education, health, and sport which is also a distributor and manufacturer for certain products.

6. Social Media Ticketing and Monitoring System
Platform that allows companies to talk and engage in various social media. Planning, Doing, and Interactive social media. Develop social strategies, campaigns, and encourage community impression. Another feature is the grouping of complaints that will be the ticketing system to make it easier for your Customer Service / Helpdesk to classify complaints / information optimally and parts thereof.

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Digital Marketing Package (Website, Photography, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing)

Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

Nama saya Andri, saat ini saya menjabat sebagai IT Manager di PT.Bumitangerang Mesindotama yang lebih dikenal sebagai BT COCOA. Pandangan kami terhadap hasil yang diberikan oleh Arfadia pada website kami, kami mendapat kepuasan dengan apa yang di inginkan oleh kami sesuai dengan fitur-fitur yang kami terapkan saat ini.Setelah bekerjasama dengan Arfadia untuk pembuatan website ini sangat puas atas kualitas dan service dari mereka.Kami harap dapat bekerjasama lagi dengan Arfadia.Terima kasih Arfadia telah dapat membangun website kami saat ini yang lebih menarik,unik dan dapat membangun suatu Corporate Brand di website kami.Harapan kami untuk kedepan nya, kami dapat terus bekerjasama dengan Arfadia, dan sukses selalu untuk Arfadia.

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