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A&D - A Danger to Bad Ideas

We’re Armed & Dangerous, a brand and design agency that offers a full range of creative services from print to social to broadcast, and pretty much everything in between. If we specialize in anything, it’s making your brand emotionally relevant to your customers, and helping to define how it aligns with their values and positively impacts their lives.

We work with established and fledgling brands who are looking to make believers out of their customers. We also specialize in partnering with digital, strategy, and other marketing agencies that need to extend the creative capabilities they may not have in-house, delivering experienced creative teams that can quickly tackle any type of project.

We’re new, but we’re not new at this. We’re agency veterans, and we’ve found that model to be a wet blanket on the flames of a good idea. We’d rather pour gas on it and watch it grow. We might not be right for everyone, and that’s okay. We want partners, not clients.

At A&D, all we think about is delivering killer creative, and that’s what makes us so dangerous.


Things We've Worked On

We’re rather undisciplined in all respects, and operate fast and loose. We bring in the right talent as needed, which enables us to deliver more for a lot less than your previous bottom-line might be used to.

Client Reviews (1)

Professional branding is worth every cent!


Budget Range
less than $20,000

I was opening a new craft beer bottle shop and wasn't sure where to begin with my new space. It was much larger than anticipated and I was overwhelmed! A&D came in, did what they do, and left me to handle all the other items and paperwork that come with a new business and new space.

We get compliments all the time about not only our logo, but the color pallet, wall murals and all the other small details that A&D didn't look over. Many people expect that my small business is part of a much larger franchise group. It's not!

I could quickly open a new shop nearly turn-key. I've already established what we are, what we do, and the atmosphere that's expected when entering Bottle & Can.

A&D also handles my social media. This is basically the only form of advertising that I can afford, and they've done a superb job. They established a customer base fairly quickly, are very engaging, new followers weekly, and my Instagram page looks soo professional. I couldn't do all they do on my own. I'd spend too much time out of my day trying to keep up!

Bottle & Can
Food & Beverages
almost 6 years ago
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