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Product Design Agency: SaaS, B2B, Fintech, Web3

We are a caring partner that provides innovative Design solutions for funded Startups, technology SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our solutions are human-centered & data-driven:
MVP Build & Launch — We help to make new Web & Mobile digital products from scratch.
Product Redesign — Works best for an existing working product that needs improvements.
Team Extension — We provide the best design talent to create world-class digital products.

During the 7 years of experience, we’ve supported companies like WordPress (Web publishing software), Klasha (Cross-border commerce solutions), Players Health (Risk services and insurance), Viewblock (Blockchain exploration), and developed digital products for multicultural customers for the global market.

Arounda is a global remote team with Ukrainian roots and a global footprint from 2016. We have representatives in USA, Germany, Romania, Poland, and Switzerland.

Why work with Arounda?
1. Business-oriented team focus: quality UX and unique, creative product design that is delivered on time.
2. Organization of design process that meets the product`s needs. Work directly with the designer or with Product Manager / Art Director in pair.
3. Optimization of your spendings and three days of trial work free of charge to ensure our compatibility.
4. Сlose cooperation where you get comfort, openness, and flexibility in the working process.
5. Our hiring system will provide you with the designer for the immediate and productive start.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE (USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia):
Web3 / Blockchain, NFT, DeFi
SaaS B2B

Product Discovery // Product Vision & Strategy
Proof of Concept // PoC, Market & User Research
UX Audit // Analytics & Optimisation
UX/UI Design // Web & Mobile App Design, User testing
Web Design // Webflow, WordPress, React
Graphic Design // Logotype, Illustrations
Branding // Launch & promo, Visual Brand Identity


WordPress (Automattic) | Martech Platform

Client: WordPress (Owned by Automattic)

WordPress is an open-source website builder and content management system suitable for small and large-scale businesses. It offers plugins and templates with advanced means to grow your website.Being feature-rich, this platform excels among other CMSs and is used by about 43% of all websites.

Challenge: One of our primary tasks was the creation of branded marketing materials promoting some WordPress features to different user types, the design of social media content, and the work on marketing websites advertising various WordPress products. Our team followed the client’s guidelines to deliver solutions corresponding to his vision and values.

Solution: Our main goal was to improve user interaction with the WordPress platform by delivering top-notch UX and UI design. Branding and creating marketing materials became challenging, as we had to cover multiple WordPress products. As a result, our digital product agency developed strong marketing materials in collaboration with the WordPress marketing department, improved its branding and marketing efforts.

Result: When a client approached our team, we had to improve the UX and UI design of the current WordPress platform. As we moved forward, we also needed to work on the marketing part. This way, we not only contributed to the WordPress design but also improved its branding and marketing efforts. As a result, the traffic to the platform and other WordPress products increased along with the conversion rates.

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