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Why we're unique

ATS Mobile, formerly Advanced Telecom Services, is your One Stop Mobile Marketing Shop. ATS is a mobile marketing agency that provides interactive telephone services for brands, advertisers, advertising agencies, and media.

Your customers are on the move, so shouldn't your marketing also be on the move? Advanced Telecom Services provides:

* text message marketing
* mobile websites
* custom QR Codes
* apps development
* mobile advertising
* mobile seo
* responsive design websites
* geo-targeted mobile advertising
* Facebook advertising & other social media advertising

Our impressive client list includes: CNN; Subway; Arby's; Princeton University; Garnier.

ATS also remains a leading provider of interactive voice response (IVR) services. Through its service bureaus in the USA and Canada, ATS has a variety of billing mechanisms and technology that has been developed over its four decades in the industry.

Billing options includes:

* 900 numbers
* automated credit card
* 800 numbers
* CIC codes
* Pound Codes
* Direct Mobile Billing
* Premium SMS

Advanced Telecom Services has been providing interactive telemedia solutions since 1989. It has offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

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